Gruner Veltliner!

You can never be sure what to expect when you open an older bottle of wine–especially white wine.  So many modern wines just aren’t meant to age in the first place, and so many things can happen to the bottle to kill a wine that might have survived otherwise, temperature fluctuation being at the top of the list.  So when I open a bottle of older white wine and find something charming, I’m especially pleased.

Throwing Gruner Veltliner into this equation improves the odds–it’s a very age-able white grape, and naturally quite delightful.  I had a funny bottle around, and so decided to open it to go with my chicken pot pie for dinner (winter comfort food is dominating the menu right now, and with another foot of accumulation forecast for tomorrow, I may keep that up).  The 2005 Wimmer Czerny Weelfel Gruner Veltliner Alte Gruben turned out to be sweeter than I expected, but still delicious: candied melon, with honey and lemon hints, with enough acidity to balance the sugar.  Immensely enjoyable!

Gruner is my favorite grape to pair with vegetarian food, and goes very well with a lot of seafood and chicken as well.  And I have a special fondness for grapes that are hard to pronounce.  Cheers!

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