Chile and Honey glazed Salmon

It’s been a long time since I followed a recipe so closely, and it’s nice that it’s payed off.  Salmon glazed with a honey-chile sauce, served on top of a roasted tomatillo salsa and with a chipotle black bean sauce.  The spices of the sauces contrasted and balanced with the sour cream, the various layers of spice melding beautifully.  Much more picante than I expected (the sour cream helped balance that), but in a very manageable fashion.  The recipe, courtesy of Food and Wine and Chef Bobby Flay:’ll make it again, but I’ll probably do it with chicken: the salmon had almost too much flavor for the sauces.  The recommended pairing of Pinot Noir was wonderful.  I went with a Swiss version I brought back from my recent trip, an AOC Vetroz Grand Cru, light but with great spice, it interacted beautifully with the food.

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